Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Things come in Small Packages: Does it hold true for L'occitane green tea solid perfume

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Today I am going to review one of my favorite day wear perfumes. Never imagined on earth that perfumes could be solid also. One trip to L'occitane India store in DLF Promenade opened my eyes to a world of innovative simplicity. They have perfumes in various textures, shapes and sizes. And there I was thinking that perfumes were meant to be sprayed only. They have roll-on perfumes also (never seen those).

Price: INR 600 for 10 ml of the product (Currently it's on discount, you can get it for INR 420 at the L'occitane website).

The Vert Green Tea solid perfume comes in a small aluminum tin (looks classy and is very light weight), which looks like a lip balm container (see Omved lip balm here). You have to remove the cap be pulling it from the tin, which contains the solid perfume (reminded me so much of Vicks vaporub). The packaging is travel friendly, and it is the only perfume, which I carry in my office handbag at all times. I hope the packaging and perfume stand good in Delhi's summers also (i.e. without liquifying or leaking in those hot, hot months).

I had heard of solid perfumes, but never experienced any. So, got this after a single sniff.

The solid perfume is a balmy substance which has to rubbed over your skin (I rub it on my wrists) or any other place where you usually spray your perfume on.

After rubbing, it feels like you have rubbed a light cream over your skin not overly greasy, but doesn't get absorbed till half an hour. The perfume doesn't leave a stain and doesnot show on your skin as a patch.of greasiness.  I don't feel it to be very greasy, because it is winters here, would have to wait till summers to check that out.

I love drinking green tea, but I love this perfume more. The fragrance, it is subtle, gentle, calming, and smoothing.  All of these in one go. It's like you have entered an aromatic spa and instantly calms your mind with a single whiff. I apply this in the morning on my way to office. It lasts on me for two hours, after which I have to apply it again. Though the smell is great, I would have preffered if it lasted on me for at least 4 hours.

I have been using this for over a month now, but a lot is still left. Should easily last me for 3 months (with daily usage.

Product rating: B. A great buy for people looking for something to carry around in handbag, but wish the fragrance lasted a little longer. Personally, I would not be buying this again. Probably will now try a roll-on perfume from L'occitane.

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