Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nail Polish Lovers Rejoice: Hiphop Nail Polish remover wipes are here

Hello people,

Today's product review is on Hiphop nail polish remover wipes which I recently received as a New year gift from a dear friend.

As I mentioned, she got these from Urbantouch. The box contains 30 wipes and retails at INR 75. Though on urbantouch these are sold at INR 68.

These wipes come in a round box with an inner lid. We are also provided with a small plastic tweezer for picking one wipe at a time. This tweezer works really well in picking up one wipe at a time. The wipes have a tangy, lemony smell which I like.

The ingredient list: Amyl Acetate, Citronella Oil, Lemon Oil, Glycerin, Castor Oil & Vitamin E. Amyl Acetate is used as a dissolver, Citronella Oil acts as an Anti-septic agent. Lemon Oil - Acts as a disinfectant, does not dry out skin, leaves refreshing fragrance. Vitamin E and Castor Oil rejuvenates & nourishes the skin.

Instructions: Moisten all painted nails with remover and wipe one by one (nail) with the same. close the container immediately. Wash your hands before touching plastics, mobiles, spectacles, etc.

As mentioned on the box, one wipe is enough for 10 nails (hands or feet).

My experience with these nail polish remover wipes:

I completely adore and am in love with these wipes. They just take away all the effort required to remove nail paint, no cotton swabs, no nail polish remover bottles, and no mess. Specially, for me who just doesn't want to remove stale polish in fear of searching for cotton swabs. These wipes have made my manicures and life so simple.

Just pick out a wipe from the tub as and when required and you are done. Though it says one wipe is enough for 10 nails, I have found one wipe to be sufficient for 20 nails. Further, the nail paint doesn't transfer to my cuticles or fingers as used to happen with cotton oversaturated in remover.

Also, the moisturizing properties of these wipes is just so awesome. I have found these wipes, to soften my cuticle after usage and I don't get white patches on my nails or cutuicles as I have experienced with removers claiming to be acetone-free.

The tub packaging, makes these super travel friendly. I now keep the tweezer inside the tub for ease. And you can carry these in your purse anywhere with you. So, people don't have to see you with chapped nail paint ever.

At less then INR 3 for each wipe (considering the urbantouch offer), these wipes are an awesome deal. A must buy for every girl / women who loves to paint her nails. I for one will keep buying these wipes forever and ever.

My rating for these wipes: A+

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  1. i bought two tubs of these recently.. but i think i know how to use it properly. the nail doesnt come off easily and i have to rub my nails.. i dont know where i am going wrong.. any help??

    1. Hey Supriya, of course you have to rub them on your nails, basically consider them as nail paint remover soaked cotton pad and use as you would use it :), hope that helps :)

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