Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Samantha Jones inspired nail art (SATC 2)

Hello beauties,

I hope all of you have a blasting start to the New year. Today, I was a feeling a bit lazy, maybe it's the weather, maybe it is after effects of the weekend celebration, but lazy it is.
So, I decided to perk myself up with a new nail art / manicure. My inspiration was Samantha's manicure from SATC2. The half moon nail art she dons during the wedding at the beginning of the movie (see pic below for reference).

This is what I managed. Not very neat and the moons are not perfect rounds, but nonetheless it made me happy. And made my day from lazy to super duper excited. Even hubby liked it...

So, what are we waiting for? Let's get on with the required nail paints.

These are the nail paints which I used: Lakme true wear ruby red, Lakme true wear metallics 039, streetwear base coat, french manicure nail tip guides

You may try anyother nail paint combos, totally depends on your personal choice, may swap red with gold for a completely metaalic manicure, or use any other combo as per your liking.

So let's get on with the manicure:

As a first step, I painted my nails with two coats of Lakme metallics nail paint 039

Once the nail paint was dry, I applied the french tip guides half way on my nails. As, you can see from Samantha's nails above she has just painted the moons on the lower half of the nails. Nail guide placement may be varied according to your liking.

Once nail guides were firmly in place, I applied two coats of ruby red on the upper half of the nails, i.e. from french guide to the tip of the nail. Waited for it to get dry.

Once completely dry (waited for half an hour almost), I carefully removed the nail guides and applied a coat of streetwear top coat to my nails. Let it dry.

Here we go, my Samantha Jones inspired nail art is done. Am so lovin it.

Also, tried it with black and white. But my personal favorite is the one in silver and red.

So, all you creative people may dig your stash for nail paints, and try out this wonderful new manicure.

Take care...

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