Friday, February 9, 2018

It's Skin AC Spot Balm Photos, Review

Hello beauties,

A new day and a new product from a new Korean brand, It's Skin. I have been trying out new Korean skin care products and I must say I love them all. They have transformed my skin care game and helped my skin and me regain my lost confidence and radiance.

A very important product in my skin care regime now is It's Skin AC Spot Balm. Read on to know more about my experience with this product.

Brand Claims:
Clinical Solution AC Spot Balm effectively helps in killing blemish causing bacteria and steeping skin in soothing ingredients that promote healing. It has a feather light formula that is quick-absorbent, and provides deep-down action to get to the root of blemishes, leading to a noticeable improvement in skin clarity.
  • Relieves skin problems due to stress
  • Treats problem areas with intensive care for healthy, clear skin
  • 5 free system: No Paraben, No Benzophenone, No Mineral Oil, No artificial scent & No animal ingredients
  • Controls excessive sebum, inflammation of acne, red spot giving you clear, spotless skin
Price: INR 1200 for 20 gms of the product.

Ingredient list:

The balm comes in a light green colored glass jar with a silver coloured cap. The glass jar packaging looks very luxurious and classy. I simply love the packaging.

The balm also comes with a spatula for applying the product directly onto the problem areas. I have been using this balm for problem areas only and don't apply it on the entire facial skin.

The balm has no scent at all, so great for those with sensitive noses/skin. The balm is quiet thick in texture, not the gooey kinds but very dry kinds. It spreads evenly but remains like a thin white sheet on the skin. The balm doesn't make my skin oily as it itself is very dry. I therefore apply it only to my problem areas, my chin, sides of nose and where ever I see spots/milia on my skin.


I simply love the balm, though a tad bit expensive but it has been the most effective product till date in reducing the pigmentation/acne marks on my face. Within a week of usage, the balm lessened the presence of the most stubborn acne marks on my face and I hope that one day they will be gone completely. A very tiny bit of product is needed as I apply it to my problem areas only so this small amount is easily going to last me for 5-6 months. The pictures above show the status of the product after a month of usage and I have barely used anything at all.

Overall, a great product! One of my best finds for this year 2018. I will definitely recommend this balm to all those looking for a solution for acne/spot/blemishes. So definitely check it out girls!

Have you tried the It's Skin AC Spot Balm? Do let me know your experiences in the comments section below.

See ya... 

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