Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Biotique Bio Mud Face Pack Review

Hello beauties,

With the weather taking a turn for the better, my skin is behaving a bit awkwardly. I seem to have grown Comedones on my skin making it look all patchy and blotchy. I am so craving for my beautiful smooth skin, and that's when I bought this awesome face pack (multani mitti based) from biotique, which promises to firm and revitalize my skin at the same time.

Price: INR 199 for 75 gm of the product.




I so like the outer packaging change, bought about by Biotique, However, I would have preferred a tube packaging over the tub packaging due to hygiene concerns of dipping the fingers everytime to scoop out the product. 

The face pack has a thick consistency but spreads evenly over the skin. The pack does have a herbal kinda smell but nothing too offensive or long-lasting to make the application process difficult. Upon spreading the mask gives a tingling sensation over the skin, which is quiet strong initially and for people with sensitive skin, it may be a bit too much to bear and may result in some redness. However, I quiet enjoyed the tingling sensation, which meant that the oils were working their magic on my skin. I keep the mask for a good 15 minutes, after which I wash it off. This process takes a bit of time as the mask is not easily dissolved in water. After washing, I am treated to brighter and definitely glowing skin, which I quiet like.

The only thing, which I dislike is the presence of some plasticy globules in the mask, which are a few and far in between, but my question is what are these due to, some packaging issues maybe?? 

I also wished this one to extract some blackheads from my face, due to all the tingling effects, but it is not effective against those and it doesn't promise that as well. But I wouldn't count that as a negative for sure!

Overall, I quiet like the face pack, it does provide me with a brighter and firmer skin and is a good option for people looking for the same.

Have you tried the Biotique Bio Mud Face Pack? do let me know in the comments below.

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