Friday, November 25, 2016

November 2016 Fab Bag

Hello beauties,

So here's my November Fab Bag 2016. Can't believe just one more month to go before this year comes to an end!

How fast does the time fly away, it has been a great year professionally though I would have preferred the things to go a little smoothly, but hey that's how you learn. Life throws surprises at you all the time and you have to be ready and alert to take a catch! The biggest lesson this year has taught me is "Go with the Flow!"

So, coming back I received a beautiful metallic finish red pouch with a host of goodies, take a look below:

The welcome card with the product details:

I chose the City Color Lipstick in Mauve as I don't have a lipstick in Mauve cureently, too many hot pink rule my vanity right now (phew!). Have to take a swatch, and will update you soon if I like it enough!

Among the rest of the products, I have actually used and loved the VedaEarth Under Eye Oil. Currently, I don't own a good eye cream and getting this oil was like a dream come true. It is oil, but very light weight, gets absorbed quickly and moisturizes and plumps my eye area very well. Am actually loving it!

The aloe vera gel and body mist are good additions but not something about which I am too excited as the winters are here, I would have preffered some heavier moisturizing products. Also, I miss the bonus product (call me spoilt little brat if you will).

Overall, the bag is an okay bag for me, not something which is very exciting, hope the last bag of this year would wrap things up nicely and in style!

What did you receive in your November 2016 Fab Bag, do let me know in the comments below.

See ya...

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