Monday, January 4, 2016

Organix Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Intense Moisturising Treatment Swatch, Review

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Don't know but with the onset of this new year, I have been experiencing a lot of hair fall. I decided to get a trim but ended up losing more than 4 inches of my hair. I am so miserable now (booo hooo).

But, I also realised that I even though I have fine and limp hair, I need to condition my hair regularly (which I don't) more so during winter months, else my hair starts to become more frizzy and limp leading to more hair fall. Sadly, conditioning my hair every time is not my cup of tea and thus I have to find some solution which would allow me to intensely condition my hair once a week and retain its bounce, shine, and moisture. Since Organix is my favourite brand for hair products, I decided to opt for Argan Oil Mositurising Treatment Hair Masque.

Ingredient list:

Product (in tub):

Product (swatch):

First thing you would notice upon opening the tub is the awesomely divine smell. The texture is more gel like and lightweight, not like a thick cream. This was a major concern for me as I have fine hair. Next is the amount required to coat your hair, I required around a small coin sized amount for my shoulder length hair. Actually, for the first time I required two dollops as my hair lacked moisture and it just sucked up the product.

The product needs to be applied from hair root to tip, again a very scary thing for me to do as I have limp hair, but to my surprise even after two days, my hair feels silky soft to touch, feels more bouncy and shiny, and not weighed down at all. This is totally unexpected as my roots become greasy the very next day of shampooing even without any conditioner. Lastly, the product needs to be washed off with mild warm / cold water and not steaming hot water otherwise all the moisturising benefits are lost (mentioned on the tub as well).

Price: INR 725 for 237 ml of the product.

I really like this product for the amount of goodness it has provided my hair, I am noticing almost negligible hair fall and better hair quality for my hair. Now, I am planning to use this product as a part of my weekend pampering session so that my hair stays in shape throughout the week.

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