Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just Herbs Rejuvinating Beauty Elixir Facial Serum Swatch, Review

Hello beauties,

All the partying seems to have taken a little less toll of my skin, all thanks to this newly discovered product (well its not all that new). I am talking about the relatively newly launched Just Herbs Facial Serum. I received this serum via Fab Bag and this is my second bottle (had to be doubly sure before sharing it with you people). Read on to my experiences...

The product comes in an eye dropper kind of bottle. I was really surprised to see the small amount of product and was left wondering, how long it will last?

Ingredient list:

Looks extremely interesting, all natural and safe to use.


The product comes with a dropper for dispensing product on to your hands, completely hyginic and safe. And the dropper also lets you control the amount of product you are dispensing and helps avoid wastage.


Directions for use:

Price: INR 895 (when launched), but now I guess they have hiked their prices to INR 985 (sad...) for only 12 ml of the product.

I was introduced to this product by Fab bag, though initially sceptical, I decided to use it over my weekend trip to Jaipur. The first impression, no smell, no essential oil smell in particular. Then, the product looks gooey and uninteresting. But I decided to get along with application, after all how bad it could be. But lo and behold, the product was not oily, and got absorbed in like 2 seconds flat on my skin. No rubbing required at all, it was as if the serum was sucked right in my skin pores.

OK, so that was great, but what it does to your skin, I mean you have had breakouts, didn't you with products earlier as well. Hmmm... Let's wait for morning....

In the morning, my skin didn't have any breakouts, thank you, felt a little smoother and fresh. Didn't get the glow though as claimed by many, but then what happens with just one application.

I have now tried this product as per all the three directions of use but my favourite method is by mixing it along with a moisturiser so that I could massage my skin a bit, otherwise my skin just drinks it up and I don't get the chance to massage my skin even for two minutes. Though it is a good thing during the summer months, whereby its light weight texture and non-gresiness would be a welcome respite from all the heavier skin products.

Overall, for me it is an excellent product though expensive for the tiny tiny amount, but would be good for all skin types as doesn't cause breakouts, has a watery consistency and gets sucked right into the skin. The dispensing method is also very hygienic and over these two bottles, I feel the product has achieved more good than bad. Though I don't notice much glow and firmness of the skin, yet the product provides right amount of moisture to my skin and no breakouts (thank you).

Have you gals tried this elixir? Would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below.

See ya...


  1. This product is getting really good reviews from everyone!
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  2. have you tried it dear? worked well for me...

  3. I have this elixir and it is really a magic in a bottle! Guess they have increased the quantity to 15 ml now :) Great review Kumkum <3

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  4. I haven't tried this yet. But looking at the hype I think I should give this a try. :)

  5. The product sounds interesting . Would surely like to give it a try

    1. sure give it a try, you will like this one :)


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