Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 2015 Fab Bag

Hello beauties,

Time for Fab Bag of the month. Sadly, after the excellent Fab Bag last month (read HERE), neither the "UP YOUR GAME" bag nor the products are very exciting. The only exception is the Just herbs serum which I had pre-booked.

The bag is plain black with same colored chevron stripes and looks pretty ordinary. The other 3 products in my bag are not very exciting either. I have received a Seasoul spa massage candle (looks fancy but is a very nice innovation, which allows you to carry oils in a candle form), a concealer again, which is just so not required, and an Ayorma night cream (which I am little excited about, as the previous two products from this brand were beyond excellent for my skin, read reviews HERE).

My only complain is no makeup product except for the concealer, and again I am so used to receiving 5 products now that the bag looks empty to me :(

Hopefully, the Fab Bag team is listening and the next bag would be up a notch :)

And now, what's in your Fab Bag??

See ya...

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