Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Latest Skin Care Addi(c)tions

Hello beauties,

With the changing weather and accompanied skin care needs, I was having great difficulty with my skin. Though I have been blessed with a good skin (genetically) with fewer problems, I was stumped to see a dull and lifeless skin with lots of milia staring at me daily.

But then, a sort of miracle happened... I received my July 2015 Fab Bag with the two cutest little products from Ayorma, which would change my skin forever(??). I took these two cuties with me for my short getaway (read HERE) and was blown away…

The Ayorma scrub and the face wash is the best product combination for you if you have a dull and lifeless skin and you are looking for deep cleansing and brightening products.

The packaging is also very good, though not eco-friendly. The packaging is simple yet stylish and the products themselves are super awesome.


The left one is scrub, with very fine granules that the consistency of the product looks like a paste (well almost...). The right one is the face wash, a clear gel based face wash with blue colored granules, which dissolve upon rubbing (but they do take a lot of time to dissolve..).

My experience with the Ayorma Face Scrub:
I will be penning down my experiences separably for both products 'cause they are unique and I won't be doing proper justice to them. The scrub is one of the most excellent scrubs I have used till date, and that is actually saying a lot about it. The particles are very fine and soft (they don’t scratch you the wrong way, J). The scrub can be used daily and removes all the blackheads and whiteheads in no time. I personally use it every alternate day. It has cleared up my skin considerably and I have noticed fewer black/white heads on my skin and hence lesser breakouts. 50 grams of the product would set you back by INR 279, but for the price, this is actually worth it. My skin feels and looks super soft, clean, and smoother with lesser breakouts and scars, yay for that J!!!

My experience with the Ayorma Face Wash:
The face wash is very aromatic, mildly foaming and calms me down instantly after the end of a long, long day. The essentials oils take away all the dirt, grime, and makeup (not the waterproof variety) to leave you with baby soft and clean skin. With the regular use of these products, I have noticed brighter, smoother, and fresh skin. The price for face wash is INR 349 for 100 ml. A bit on the expensive side but totally worth if you consider the paraben free and preservative free nature of products. 

Have you used these products? What are your experiences with them?

See ya...

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