Friday, May 15, 2015

Discovering the Joys of Blogging (Again!)

Hello Friends,


It's me again. Oh the Shock, Happiness, and Joy of being a blogger again!

After being away from the blogging scene for more than two years now and taking a big, big break to sort out my personal life, am back to doing what I loved since the beginning.

"Sharing my passion for beauty and fashion, makeup and accessories, cooking and eating, travelling and exploring, meeting and making new friends, reading and writing, blogging and posting... (phew, the list is endless) with you to create a better informed world."

Being away from my blog wasn't easy, but the matters at hand were so pressing that I had to call it quits for some time. But apart from those, I realised that I was just racing against time, trying out new products to stay ahead with the product reviews and was slowly turning into a hoarder. It was then that I had to call it quits. The break I took helped me realise the importance of restrain and made me a better person (well at least that's what I would like to think).

Over the last two years, I didn't stop trying out new products, it was just that I was now making relaxed informed choices, buying less, finishing up the products, reading the labels (more carefully), becoming more and more conscious about what I put into my body or on it. In fact, I tried more better products than I did earlier. 

When I started blogging, I was a new mom, but now I am a seasoned mom. No, it has not become easy (I guess it never will :D), but now I am much more in control of my life (at least it seems so!). But I must take this opportunity to thanks all the wonderful people around me who have helped me and surrounded me with so much joy and happiness. The people who are my constant source of inspiration and who stand by me always (we share a no questions asked policy) :).

So, the posts would be a little more regular from now and I will ever share my life, experiences, and tidbits with you along this wonderful journey of ours. As they say, "sometimes journey is more important than the destination".

With this little thought in my head, I will sleep now, more serenely and peacefully than I had done in the last two years.

Goodnight sweeties....

Time for beauty sleep...

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