Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lakme Limited Edition PopTints Collection and my Haul!

Hello everyone,

Finally this weekend I found the time and courage to go and check the Lakme Poptints range. everything about this range has been fascinating me for a while now, specially the lovely Kareena and the colors, which remind me so much about my childhood favorite Poppins :)

Now you may be wondering why I was scared?? It was due to the price at which liptints are retailing I would say, INR 800 for just 2 gm of the product. I was scared that the shopaholic me would never leave the newU store without purchasing one. But finally, sense prevailed and I didn't buy a single liptint. Thank God!!!

However, I have the swatches of 7 of the 8 launched liptints in this Limited edition collection (Orange Tease was out of stock):

Top row (L-R): Berry Pink, Grape Hint, Peach Please, Candy Kiss, Pink Sorbet
Bottom row (L-R): Plum Rush, Wine Punch

And here is what I hauled from the collection, three super cool and summery nail tints:

L-R: Orange Squash, Aqua Marine, Purple Rain

And below I am showing you NOTW after a long, long time with a favorite new summer colour all thanks to the Lakme PopTints Limited Edition Collection, AquaMarine, my favorite pastel blue nail paint forever:

On my nails (with flash):

On my nails (natural light):

One thing I forgot to mention was that the swatch you see above is three coats as the nail paint applied streaky and the color was not building up to the right consistency, in fact it was quiet sheer in terms of pigmentation. So, it took a long, long time time to dry and that's why you see imprints on my accent nails. But I will forgive that part for once owing to the lovely pastel tint :). Three cheers to Lakme for bringing out such nice nail colors to Indian markets!

What have you guys got from the Poptints collection, do share your hauls!!!

Take care...

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