Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Enliven Nail Polish Remover Review

Hello Girls,

How r u doing?? The week has just reached the peak and so have the summers here in north India. It's so hot that you cannot look out of the windows, phew... And the hot winds keep blowing throughout the day and night. I hope it gets better soon but I know it's all wishful thinking. We have to adhere to atleast one more full month of summers before it pares down...

Okay, so am enjoying this eason with loads of water, cool drinks, ice creams and of course all sorts of colorful makeup (read my post on Summer Favourites). 

Coming to the product review of the day, I have Enliven Nail Polish Remover to share with you all. I got this online as I was searching for a nail paint remover and the quantity and price were too good to give this product amiss.

Price: INR 150 for 250 ml of the product. It is packaged in a very basic but functional translucent plastic bottle with a screw on cap on the top. On opening the cap you are greeted with a big opening for dispensing the product. I was expecting a smaller opening but no, here it was huge and big. I have to use it really carefully to avoid spills, the first few times were like practice sessions to avoid spillage.

Ingredient list:

It's a really good and decent nail paint remover considering the price at which it retails. The remover removes glitter paints quiet effectively along with normal nail paints and various kinds of ail arts I keep trying on my nails. It has never dried out my cuticles or made my nails white after nail paint removal. It is the most gentle nail paint remover I have used till date.
The smell is okayish a little chemical but that is there with all the nail paint removers. Apart from the packaging I like everything about this remover. The quantity, quality, and the price all make it a good budget product.

Product rating: A, available at various online beauty stores. Would definitely recommend it to one and all especially the women who love to paint their paws.

Take care...

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