Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Clean & Dry Intimate Wash Review

Hello girls,

Ever since my Oriflame Intimate Wash got over, I was trying to get one which was available in the market and showed up frequently during commercial breaks on TV. So, during my next haul from medplusbeauty I purchased the Clean & Dry Intimate Wash.

Price: INR 100 for 100 ml of the product. Packaging is quiet tacky, the bottle has a small pink cap which covers the opening through which the cover comes out. The cap is not flip cap and detaches completely from  the bottle. Also, the opening is also just pushed into a bigger hole and not screwed properly and sometimes comes out along with the cap. This bottle requires careful handling otherwise a lot of product is wasted due to spillage. I had to learn proper opening mechanism to avaoid wasting product else the product would be used up in 5 days flat.

Ingredient list:


To begin with the wash has a fluid consistency and is transparent in color. It lathers extremely well and has a strong fruity / flowery smell that was surprising for me as it is to be used for intimate areas and some people might be sensitive to such strong fragrances. It is totally safe for use and had never irritated me over the course of usage. It gives me confidence all day long especially during the critical monthly days.
Feminine hygiene is of utmost importance to me and this product cleans, keeps my skin dry, is non-irritating, and prevents bad odours all day long. Overall a good product except for the tacky packaging and lesser quantity (when compared with the Oriflame one).

Product rating: B, available at many online shops and local chemists. Would recommend it to those who are not sensitive to strong smells, but please check the packaging before buying.

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  1. I have tried feminine intimate washes from different companies before and found this one to be very effective.
    Clean & Dry Intimate Wash

  2. I think every women should aware about Intimate Wash


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