Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clarins Lip Balm Colour Quenche #17: Review, Swatch

Hello Girls,

I am a little late in asking but will still ask, how was your weekend, mine was super fun and busy. Hosted a lunch at home on Saturday and attended two back-to-back social events, one family, one friends on Sunday. By Monday was super exhausted but had the busiest weekend so far... But right now, I have another current favourite to share with you all. I guess some of you must have read my Post on the Vellvette and Clarins event, which I attended some time ago. And I got this gorgeous lip balm in exchange for my refund money there. 

Price: INR 1200 for 15 ml of the product. The lip balm is packaged as a squeezable tube with a small angled dispenser at the top. The dispenser is covered with a small silver screw cap.

Ingredient list:

Ingredient list (contd.):


This has to be hands down the best lip balm I have ever tried. The texture and fluidity of this lip balm is more like a gloss but with the goodness of lip balm.
The lip balm actually quenches my dry lips with loads of moisture without a balmy or heavy feel on lips. In fact my lips feel juicily nourished and hydrated without any sticky texture. As seen from the swatch above the lip balm is light pink in colour with a few micro silvery shimmers which offer the subtle shine to the lips on application. The lip balm is also very long-lasting and works wonders on my lips for more than 10 hours after application. The colour imparted to bare lips is very subtle and vanishes once you have some meals. But the hydrating power stays on and on...The lip balm also doesn't peel off a layer of skin from my lips as I have experienced with some other lip balms as well.
The price factor is the only deterrent for an otherwise fabulous product. Everyone would not be interested in shelling out INR 1200 for a lip balm. But the quality and quantity of the lip balm is excellent. At the Clarins event we had the option of four lip balms, but then when I checked it is available in 8 stunning shades. And the colour imparted is very natural one can try most of the shades without worry.

Product rating: B+ (only for the price factor). Would recommend to all based on the excellent qualities of the lip balm but the price is a major concern for most of us. At the price of INR 500 I got it I am loving it :) Would love to try out more shades from this range.

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