Monday, February 18, 2013

Jovees Under Eye Gel Review, Swatch

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Today is Monday, one of my least favorite days of the week, but yet life comes a full circle for me everytime it is Monday (ha, ha, ha!!) I am in a retrospective mood today it seems and the product I have chosen to review reflects similar thoughts for me atleast.

Today, I am reviewing Jovees 24 Carat Eye Contour Gel. I have been using a lot of Jovees products in the past, and since I liked them all I went ahead and got this one as well. I got it during my earlier hauls but got a chance to use it since the last 15 days and am sharing my review with you all.
Price: INR 315 for 25 gm of product ( I got this at a discounted price of INR 268 online). Packagaing is quiet sturdy and something which I quiet like. The bottle is little heavy though chotu enough to be carried. Also, the tight lid allows the bottle to be taken away on vacations.

Ingredient list:

To begin with, as the name suggests the product is a gel. The gel is yellow/ golden colored with small and very fine particles of gold leaves mixed, which dissolve as you rub in the gel on your skin. Sometimes though the particles stick to your skin. Since it is a gel, it absorbs really fast into the skin and leaves a slightly sticky layer on to the skin. The layer doesn’t pose any problems while applying makeup though or feels heavy but it is there if you tend to touch your skin. The cream has a very mild to non-existent smell, so no problems for those with sensitive noses. Since the product is a gel, it doesn’t make my under eye area oily or greasy as well and it stays put throughout the day.

I have to be extremely careful in application as well, as this gel stings my eyes like hell making them water a lot even if a tiny amount gets into the eye. So all I do is pat it as ar away from my lashes and water lines as possible.

I have had both good and bad experience with this one. I have found this to be effective as far as in removing fine lines from my under eye area, but for me it fails to remove blackness from under my eyes. This may be due to the fact mentioned above as I can apply it only a little far away from my eyes, it doesn’t allow me to place it near the darker areas of my eyes, which are near the inner corners.

Product rating: B, available at most online beauty shops. Personally I am not going to repurchase this and would be looking for a new eye cream /gel. The gel might work for people with minimal dark circles and those looking for a solution to the lines that crop up below the eye area.

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