Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oriflame Lip Spa Therapy Review

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a peaceful New Year. I am starting off with my first review of the year, it's season appropriate for me, it's a Lip Balm. I had been hunting for discounts on this lip balm since ages. I had read some really good reviews for the same, so kept bugging my Oriflame consultant for the same. Finally I got this at a discounted price.

Price: INR 229 for 1.6 gm of the product (I got this at a discounted price of INR 179). Packaging is cute and girly. But I feel the quantity is pretty less for the price at which it retails. The stick you see in the tube above is all the product that you get.

Ingredient list: NA

The lip balm has a outer pink layer and an inner white layer. The lip balm is uber soft and glides on lips like a dream. It moisturises my lips in the first instance itself. But my lips look paler after application. Nonetheless, the lip balm wears on for a decent amount of time after which re-application is a must. The lip balm melts away pretty quickly as well, in just three-four additions I am noticing a lot of product being used. This is very unconventional for me as none of my lip balms melt away so fast.
Now for the worst part, as the lip balm is completely absorbed by my lips I feel that a layer of skin needs to peeled / scrubbed away from my lips. No matter how much more I apply this lip balm, the status of my lips remains the same and a layer has to come off. This has become very painful for me especially in this winter season.

Product rating: B, available via Oriflame Consultants only. Personally I am not recommending this lip balm / spa to anyone and am never repurchasing it again.


  1. I too have this lip balm and am not liking it at all..

  2. I have used this one.. Even I was disappointed :-(

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