Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Iha Lumiderm Fairness Beauty Bar Review

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Hope you are having a nice day with hot warm chocolate. Today, I would be reviewing Iha Lumiderm Fairness Beauty Bar, which I purchased from Purplle.com. Now, let me share the complete story behind this beauty bar with you people. I had ordered this with a host of other products from the above mentioned website. But, they didn't ship it saying that it was 'out of stock', though it was not displayed on the website. Finally after two reminders they shipped me two mini bars for the same soap. Now, I am a bit skeptical about ordering from them again lest this happens. Overall, the quantity I received for the price paid was less and the order was delayed, which could have been avoided if they had mentioned 'out of stock' on the product at their website.

Price: INR 100 for 50 gm of the product. Packaging is quiet eco friendly with the product coming in a thick handmade paper  outer cover with the bar conatined in a single wrapping of cellophane.

Ingredient list:

The soap:

Now the soap itself is quiet lovely though. I love the fragrance it's sandalwood-y but nothing too overpowering and lathers decently. Though don't expect huge bubbles. It's a very gentle cleanser and cleans my skin gently yet effectively. The smell though does stay for a long time, I could smell it for the whole day on me, but I guess it's winters and the woollens trap the scent effectively. It would probably be staying a little less in the summer months. Also, I didn't experience any immediate dryness and was left with fragrant and supple skin after shower.

Product rating: A-, available at most online beauty shops. Personally I going to try more from Iha as I love natural brands. Would recommend it to those who love using natural bathing bars.

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