Monday, December 3, 2012

NYX Soft Matte LipCream in Sao Paulo Review, Swatch

Hello Girls,

How was your weekend?? I took a family trip to Rajasthan for pilgrimage, sound too old and boring, but it was fun. I just loved the drive through the countryside and the weather was just perfect. Love the bright sunshine on cold winter days, perfect for road trip :)

The brightness and warmth of the sun these days is perfectly matched for me by this awesome NYX Soft Matte LipCream in Sao Paulo, my first ever. I never understood the hype behind these till I tried this one and now I am hooked.

Price: INR 750, packaging is also quiet nice. I like the rubberised cap housing the brush and also the chotu tube which fits perfectly in my hand. The brush is also quiet nice, picks up enough product for covering the lips in one go.

The brush:


Swatch (indoors with flash):

Swatch (outdoors without flash):

I just love these lipcream, it's perfectly matte, provides opaque coverage and doesn't accentuate the fine lines of my lips. The only problem is the lasting power, they don't last a meal, which would have been a great plus point. And on an average they last on my lips for 2-3 hours, which is as good as a gloss.
I use this over a lip balm, the formula though great, would be little dry on its own. The application goes on nicely over a lip balm and I am in love with the mattness it offers :). Sao Paulo is a great everday color, simply brightens up my complexion and am in love with it, a really pretty pinky shade.
Another concern of mine is the price, though priced affordably throughout the world, it retails very expensive in India, just hope that these brands would retail comparable to their USD prices.

Product rating: A-, available at some online beauty shops, would recommend these to all looking for nice matte lip colors, the color range is awesome and there would be a color, which you would love to pick. Persoanlly, I am thinking of buying more of these, particularly Tokyo and Amsterdam.

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  1. ya.. all international brand retail at a very high price in india.. lovely shade kumkum :)

  2. nice and bright..and yes, there should be a cheap way of buying these products in India..

    1. yeah, me too don't like paying such high price for these here :(

  3. Lovely colour Kumkum, I like that it doesn't emphasise lip lines. Hate the way all brands price stuff so much higher in India than the rest of the world :(

  4. very hot-hot color...nice


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