Friday, December 21, 2012

Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Yogurt Skin Whitening & Brightening Masque Review

Hello Girls,

TGIF :) and it's time to take care of myself this weekend before the party season begins :). So, today I am sharing with you a wonderful product for the same, it's herbal, it's natural, and it's soo good for my skin :)

Price: INR 170 for 80 gm of the product (I got this at a discounted price of INR 85 during a recent 50% off sale on the Lotus Herbals website). Packaging is quiet nice though standard flip-top packaging but is quiet travel friendly and hygienic.

Ingredient list:


As you can see from the swatch above the pack has a nice creamy consistency and goes on smoothly on my skin. The pack is not very dry and takes some time to dry up. Even after 10 minutes it doesn't dry completely but you feel a firming action on your skin. The pack has to be removed with a wash cloth afterwards as it forms a thick creamy layer on the skin. After pack removal the skin feels hydrated, soft, and clean. I did notice a little brightening but cannot comment on the whitening effect, since it contains yogurt extracts it must be rich in AHA as well (I guess), so it is good for mature skin as well. Overall a nice pack, which doesn't dry my skin and cleanses it thoroughly.

Product rating: A-, available at all Lotus Herbals counters, their website, beauty websites, and chemist shops. Recommend for all looking for a nice face pack for cleansing their skin without drying. Personally, I may buy it again but there are too many temptations out there :)

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