Sunday, December 9, 2012

Forest Essentials Bath & Shower Oil in Indian Rose Absolute Review

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Finally I did some wintery shopping, though nothing much that I can display here, I am still lagging behind on the looks and nail arts I had planned for this weekend. Btw, those of you sad after the departure of Debenhams from Gurgaon, leading to the departure of beloved MAC have a reason to rejoice. Yesterday I saw MAC opening soon near Om Book Shop at the mall. So waiting eagerly for that to happen, yippee :)

Coming to the product review of the day, I am reviewing the Forest Essentials Bath & Shower Oil in Indian Rose Absolute. I received this as a part of my November Vellvette Box (read HERE).

Price: INR 1175 for 200 ml of the product, I have a 50 ml sample of the same. Packagaing in itself is quiet luxurious and decadent, makes you feel like a princess. Totally travel friendly as the oil is stored in a transparent plastic bottle.

Ingredient list:

As you can see from the above list, there are no harmful chemicals in the product and it is totally natural. This is the best thing about Forest Essentials. I have always been an admirer of the brand and love trying out various products from them. The only problem is the hefty price tag, which has been on the rise ever since. But they actually have some very good products to boast about and they are free of chemicals.
Coming to this oil, I am in love with it and am thinking of purchasing it as well. The first plus for me is the fragrance, it is so divine and stays with me forever. In fact people have complemented me for smelling heavenly whenever I have worn this and that to at the end of the day. The moisturising property of this oil are just awesome and it doesn't stain clothing at all. I have never scratched myself in this weather whenever I am using this oil. And the best part is that a very little amount is required :)

Product rating: A, available at a few online shops and Forest Essentials Stores all over. Would recommend this to all with dry skin looking for a good bathing oil / lotion. Personally I am going to purchase it shortly.

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  1. Thanks for the review...was thinking of buying this but wasn't sure...will go ahead and buy it now :)

    1. do try it Dollie you will like it for sure :)

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