Monday, November 5, 2012

Jovees Rose Skin Toner Review

Hello Girls,

Hope all of you had a fun weekend, mine was super-busy and super-fun. First, I went round buying gifts for my friends and then I went around distributing them. It's feels really cool to meet people and spend some time with them. I love Diwali 'cause it's the best time for socialising and partying. What about you girls??

Today, I will be reviewing Jovees Rose Skin Toner, my second one from the brand. After my excellent experience with the Jovees Cucumber toner (review HERE), I went ahead and purchased this rose water. Read on to know my experience with this one...

Price: INR 170 for 200 ml of the product (I got this on a discounted price of INR 163.80) Packagaing is pretty standard with the product contained in a transparent plastic bottle with a spray nozzle on top.

Ingredient list:

After my excellent experience with the previous toner, I had high expectations from this one as well. It turns out that the expectations were met bang-on. The toner smells of actual roses and the best part the smell lingers for some time. Secondly the toner makes my skin firm upon contact and helps in better absorption of moisturiser into my skin. I really love the way my skin firms and drinks up this toner. It just seems to get absorbed so quickly forming up and hydrating my skin in a jiffy. I love this toner and use it to mix / dilute my face packs as well. My skin has started looking better since I have started using this toner, it feels firm and elastic and not the dry parched one it started looking with the onset of winters.

Product rating: A+, available easily at online stores, local chemist and pharmacy shops. Would recommend this to everyone, it's a great ingredient in your skin care. Personally would keep buying these ones forever.

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  1. Sounds like a nice product. Would definitely try this out. It looks beautiful as well :P


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