Friday, October 5, 2012

Lotus Herbals PureStay Lipgloss in Rosebud Review & Swatches

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Wishing you all a very happy weekend in advance !! Friday's always have this effect on me and with the upcoming festival season I am feeling extremely happy and cheerful already :). I am also planning on watching English Vinglish but it doesn't seem to be taking off for now. Was a huge fan of Sridevi in School and would love to watch the movie mostly for her.

Coming to the product under my review scanner today, it's Lotus Herbals PureStay Lipgloss in Rosebud, another new buy (read HERE).

Price: INR 395 for 8 ml of product. Packaging is pretty sturdy, with the lipgloss tube being made of sturdy transparent plastic container with a gold cap housing the wand.

The wand ends in a doe-foot applicator, which applies the lipgloss evenly on the lips. One more thing, the packaging is such that every time you take out the wand it comes out clean except for the tip containing the requisite amount of gloss for your lips.

Each of the lotus herbal products encased in a outer carton contains a small booklet showing you the application method for the entire range of products.

Ingredient list: NA


On my lips (indoors with flash):

On my lips (outdoors without flash):

I am totally bowled over by this lipgloss, superb pigmentation, took my heart away. Looks good on it's own and over a red lippie as well. The swatches show it alone. Though looks a bit sheer in the pics, it looks pretty awesome in person and adds a glow to your complexion. Coming to the texture of the lipgloss, it is a bit sticky, and your hair would also stick to it, but that improves it's lasting power on the lips. On my lips it stayed fro 3-4 hours with meals, pretty good for a gloss I say!
The lipgloass doesn't bleed or settle into your fine lines, in fact it plumps your lips for an awesome shine and plumpier looking lips. 

Product rating: A, available at select Lotus Herbals counters and also on, just saw yesterday at their website. Highly recommended, they come in 10 super-nice shades. For now I have picked two, but would love to pick up more from this range of lipglosses, and at this price they are must-buys.

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