Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Rose Emotion Shine (#40)

Hey Girls,

How are you doing today, the morning seems bright and nice but I am already missing the rains. Hope it rains some more today.

I am reviewing a recent love I purchased recently (shown HERE). It's Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Rose Emotion Shine (#40). Read on to know more about the product...

Price: SGD 30 (approx. INR1450). Packaging is very classy, I totally adore the golden cap with EL embossing. And the tube is completely leak proof making it ideal for travel.

Ingredient list:

The wand:

As I have mentioned earlier, this product is my new love, am loving simply everything about it except maybe for the lasting time of this lipgloss on my lips. Firstly, I love the texture of this lipgloss, it's lighter than a lipbalm and and so moiturizing (just like water) that I don't have to use a lipbalm underneath. Sometimes, I feel as though I have applied water on my lips.
Secondly, I am in love with this color, the perfect peachy shade for me, never knew it would turn out to be so beautiful. Doesn't wash me down, in fact brightens up my face. Love the sheen the lipgloss provides to my lips, it beautiful and it was something that I have searching for since eternity.
Thirdly, I love the pigmentation, it covers all the pigmentation in a single swipe completely. I have slight pigmentation on my lips around the corners of my lips but you will not notice that in the pics below, as this one covers my lips to the point of opaqueness

On my lips (indoors, with flash):

On my lips (outdoors, without flash):

As evident from the pics above, the gloss gives high shine and opaque coverage on my lips. Did I mention that I love the smell of the lipgloss, probably nit, but that's the first thing to notice about them actually. The lipgloss has a lovely fruity fragrance which diminishes with time but not completely. As long as the product is there you can smell the niceness in the air.

Next lovable thing is that the lipgloss doesn't settle into your fine lines even after an hour and in fact keeps them looking full and healthy as long as it is there on your lips as seen in the lip swatches above.

The only point is the lasting power, which is aroung 2-3 hours on my lips without meals. The pigmentation, texture and everything else remains intact. In fact I love applying the gloss again and again so I am not complaining. But the lipgloss doesn't last after meals specially after Indian meals, likely so, I haven't seen a gloss lasting them. So for me even this is not a negative, but for some of you it might be...

Product rating: A, available at all EL stores worldwide. Would highly recommend this to girls looking for luxurious lipglosses, EL makes some fantastic lip products and they are a must try for every makeup fanatic.Personally, I am regretting not picking up more shades but would do that soon enough.

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  1. its a beautiful color kumkum.... its raining heavily in mumbai... :)

    1. thanks supriya :). wow I am missing rains so much here :)

  2. loved the subtle shade kumkum..perfect for daily wer

    1. thanks Preetha, this has become my go to color these days :)


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