Thursday, September 27, 2012

Elle 18 Color Pop Lipsticks in Spice Ginger & Pomegranate Pie Review, Swatches

Hello girls,

The weekend is almost  here, and that means time to go out and gorge on fabulous food and catch up on some movies. We are planning to watch Barfi this weekend, I know, I know I would be last person on earth by now as rest of you would have seen the movie already. But then, better late than never!!!

Today, I will be reviewing two lippies which I got as a part of my INR 1100 makeup challenge (read HERE). Both the lipsticks are from Elle18 and I am super liking them both. Read on to know why??

Price: INR 100 for 4.3 gm of product (I think it is pretty decent). Packaging is quiet cute with the lipsticks shaped as bullets, but don't start expecting anything too fancy here.

Ingredient list: NA

The shades which I purchased are Spice Ginger (#11) and Pomegranate Pie (#08). 

Spice Ginger is a shimmery nude colour, which adds a hit of shimmer to your lips and works lovely as a blush for night outs (of course). I a, wearing this HERE.

Pomegranate Pie is a pinky-berry color, which may be MLBB shade for some, but looks beautiful and works as a nice blush giving you rosy cheeks. I am wearing this shade HERE and HERE.

Swatches (L-spice Ginger, R-Pomegranate Pie):

Both the lippies apply evenly and have enough pigmentation to cover any present on your lips. The lippies are creamy due to  the presence of the creamy portion present in the center of the lipstick bullet. The color range is pretty nice as well. One can definitely find a shade to one's liking. The lasting power of these lipsticks was around 2-2.5 hours on my lips without meals (after which they start fading), with meals they vanish like whoosh...

Product rating: B, available at most online beauty shops and local cosmetic stores. I would recommend this to people venturing out into the world of makeup and also young college girls (towards whm this range is focussed). But I think many of us will find shades to our liking. Personally, I am eyeing a few more shades which would serve the dual purpose of lip and cheek colours.

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  1. they have weird smell n taste na....i hv knw...wat do u think

    1. yes smita, the smell is a bit plastic like and sorry I have never tasted them :(

    2. I agree they smell a bit weird.:)
      nice colors kumkum i like pomegranate pie.

  2. kumkum can you please put up lip swatches of these - the shades look lovely on the hand swatch but I would really like to see how they look on the lips :) (Thanks in advance!)

    my recent post:

    1. sure Shilpa, will do that soon :), btw you can see tham in my FOTD's as well, just follow the links in the post above :)

  3. Please let me know where to get spice ginger.. I am searching for it for a long time


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