Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vega Blush Brush Review

Hey beauties,

Today I am reviewing my blush brush, which a pretty recent addition to my vanity. Earlier I was using a non-branded blush brush, but after it broke, I wanted a good and cheap replacement for it.

There were a zillion brushes on various online shopping portals, but I zeroed in on this Vega professional blush brush.

Price: INR 225. Came packaged in a standard pouch packaging.

Though I imagined this brush to be ok in terms of quality and softness of bristles, it has by far suprised me with the most amazing softness and blush color pickup.

As you can see from the picture above, the bristles are quiet dense and that helps in picking up good amount of colour. More over, the brush has a slight contour, which makes the blush application a breeze. Also, the bristles are oh so soft and not at all scratchy. The handle and the base of the brush feel quiet sturdy and stable with no wiggling or jiggling. I actually love the black handle a lot, it fits perfectly in your hand and gives you a good grip during application.

The only downside of this brush is that it sheds. Even though I use a brush cleanser which requires minimal scrubbing of brushes and is quiet gentle on the bristles, this one sheds 2-5 hairs each time I clean it, so I think this one is going to get over soon, as I have regularly started washing my brushes.

Product rating: B, avaialble at most online shopping websites. Inspite of the fallouts, I would recommend this to people as the bristles are really soft and won't scratch your face unlike the cheaper versions.

Take care...


  1. the price is decent enough for the quality... :)

    1. yeah it's a decently priced brush with nice bristles :)

  2. Had it not been shedding..I would have ordered it right away!

  3. Great review! Where can i find this brush? New follower here:-) Please check out my blog as well and follow back if you like?


    1. Hi Zai, I ordered it online from Urbantouch, you get it at local cosmetic stores as well :)


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