Monday, August 13, 2012

Lakme Nine-to-Five Makeup Remover Review

Hello Girls,

Today I am reviewing a Lakme Nine-to-Five Makeup Remover a product, which was one of my recent purchases but before the new one has been launched by Lakme. I love how the bottle looks, it has a transparent liquid and a pink liquid and on mixing the two, it looks fully pinky and bubbly :)

Price: INR 295 for 120 ml of the product. Packaging is quiet nice with the product contained in a transparent plastic bottle with a spray nozzle on the top. I quiet like the spraying part as it prevents excess product spillage and wastage and allows one to control the amount of product dispensed.

The two layers separated:

On mixing:

Ingredient list:

The remover has worked fine for me till now though I have noticed some challenges. Firstly I love the packaging and the spray nozzle, which helps me control the product amount dispensed. Secondly, I love how fluid it is, just glides on my skin and gets absorbed quickly and removes all traces of makeup. I have noticed that the ingredients contain silicones so might not be useful for people with sensitivity to silicones. On the downside, I have noticed that it doesn't work just as good on removing my Colorbar I-glide pencil in Jaded and I need to use extra amount of product to remove it. With my MAC fluidlines also, I have noticed the same thing, extra amount of product is required to remove them. So, I guess you would need extra amount of product for removing waterproof eyeliners, otherwise it removes all my makeup in one go.

Product rating: B+, (was) available at most online beauty shopping sites and Lakme counters, but with the launch of the new makeup remover, I guess this would be going out of stock. A good product for the proce it retails at and the quantity you get is also good for the price you pay. A good buy for girls looking for good biphasic makeup removers. Personally, I am waiting for this one to finish so that I can get the new Absolute one and try.

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  1. Call me cheap, but I am always looking for something even cheaper. But this one sounds good esp since it's recommended for the eyes. Might check it out

    1. me too looking for cheaper yet good alternatives always 'cause I believe expensive things are not the only ones which are good :)


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