Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clinique Chubby Stick #07 Review and Swatches

Hello Girls,

Finally some sunshine today, been really bored by the absence of sun over the past week, though I love the rains I love sunshine even more J
Coming to today’s review Clinique Chubby stick #7(super strawberry), which a very recent purchase (also flaunted shown HERE).

Price: I got this at Changi Airport duty free for SGD 22 (aaprox. INR 1100). Packaging is also pretty classy, shaped into a pencil, the chubby stick is a twist-up lipbalm.

Ingredient list:


Lip swatch:
My experience has been very good with this colored lip balm (so to say). Not only does it moisturizes it gives a very soft sheen of color to my lips. I am totally loving it these days and it has replaced my lipice lip balm for the tme being. Texture is super awesome, no waxy coating on lips only a softness that you get from a lipbalm. The color looks lighter when swatched on hand, and appears darker on my lips. The staying power is 2-3 hours withour food and drinks, but even after the chubby stick wears off there is a softness to my lips, they don’t feel dry at all. The colour is also very natural and not over the top at all, also there are no shimmers. The only thing is the price tag, INR 1100 for a lip balm seems too much but the quality makes it up for me.

Product rating: A, available at most Clinique counters, Would recommend if you love Clinique and would like a nice tinted lip balm for winters. Personally would love to stick up on more of these for the coming winters.

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  1. The shade is come wonderful on the lips.

  2. ohh lovely... was looking for this chubby stick!! need to check cliniques counters now... thanks for the headsup!!

    1. do give this chubby stick a try sangeetha, u will love it :)


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