Tuesday, July 24, 2012

L'oreal Paris Infallible EyeShadow All Night Blue Review and Swatch

Hello beautiful ladies,

I have found the perfect solution for curing my blues, the L'oreal Paris Infallible EyeShadow in All Night Blue. I know, I know, it does sound a bit cheesy but then here it is. You are bound to fall in love with this eyeshadow if you decide to swatch it. Just remember, you had been warned.

Enough melodrama for now, cutting some really funny story short, I had been on the lookout for a nice blue eyeshadow for a long time now, this was the only shadow which was not with me. When L'oreal came up with this collection for Cannes Film Festival, I was excited to find this super amazing blue amongst the eyeshadows and got one as soon as it arrived in stores here.

Price: INR 450 for 3.5 gm of the product (I got this on 15% discount). Packaging is pretty cute with the shadow in a squarish box with a circular lid. Though the compartment holding the eyeshadow is also circular. Would be more clear from the pics below.

Once you remove the lid, you have a new lid which is the protector for the eyeshadow. I think this is the only part which looks a bit cheap for the overall classy packaging.

Once you remove the black lid, you have the gorgeous shadow, which is super soft to touch and has a consistency which is a mixture of powder, pigment and cream shadow.

Ingredient list: Missing

Swatch (in flash):

Swatch (in natural light):

I am totally loving this eyeshadow 'cause it's blue, it's super easy to apply and blend, super soft and creamy enough to glide on the lids without any skin stretching, stays on for 4-5 hours without creasing, without a primer. Can be used as an eyeliner with a thin brush, gives the most gorgeous smokey blue eyes ever. With a primer it would easily last for 7-8 hours which is good enough for me. I can't have enough of oogling over it, I just keep staring and staring at this Blue All Night.

Product rating: A, available at all L'oreal counters and stores. Would definitely recommend this to everyone looking for a gorgeous blue eye shadow. Personally am going to try the other eye shadows which are a part of this collection.

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  1. wow.. such a pigmented blue and the lasting power is gr8 too :) kumkum u really love blue!!...

    1. yeah I love blue and pink both, but then this is my first blue eyeshadow :)

  2. LOvely shade.. I am also eying couple of shades :)

    1. do get them shalini, this one is actually quiet nice, i couldn't swatch the others at the store :(

  3. Kumkum..i din know u hav a blog..so sorry..am so silly..btw lovin ur blog..this is a must have shade..am def getting it

    1. thanks for visiting my blog Preetha, do participate in my giveaway :)


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