Monday, July 16, 2012

Freeman Body Sugar Scrub Pomegranate Review and Swatch

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Hope all of you had a relaxing weekend with your families and friends. I did some shopping (oh no not again) and some fun activities with my son. Got some time to organize stuff across the house. Also, learned from my mom-in-law how to make falooda at home, it's just so easy peasy and tastes great over dry fruit ice creams and kulfis. Will share the recipes soon with all of you!!

Moving on to the product under scanner today, Freeman Body sugar Scrub Pomegranate. I love sugar scrubs, more than the TBS ones in summers as I feel the need for lesser moisturizing and more vigourous scrubbing. I decided to try this scrub while browsing online for sugar scrubs and ordered it ASAP. 

Price: INR 220 for 150 ml of the product. Packaging is quiet sturdy, with the product present in a squeezable plastic tube with flip top cap.

Ingredient list:


I have mixed feelings about this product. On one hand it has amazing smell and does it's job well. On the other hand, I feel that the sugar crystals are quiet gritty and don't melt even on rubbing against your skin. In the past whatever scrubs I have tried, melt within a minute of contact with your skin but that is not the case here. You will have to spend time for dissolving this and hence it gets better exfoliation done, but still I would prefer if it was a little softer. The smell of the product is quiet amazing even though it does not linger, it definitely is delicious. The scrubbing action is quiet rough and may not help people with sensitive skin. Finally, it is not highly moisturising and dry skin beauties would require a body lotion after this to moisturize their skin.

Product rating: B, available at online beauty stores. Would not recommend this to dry skinned beauties, though oily and normal skinned beauties may find it useful if you are looking for a good body scrub without moisturizing properties. Personally, I am not buying this product again.

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  1. hi kumkum.. nice revu dear.. this will suit me easily i complain a lot abt the particles melting too soon.. :)


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