Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nails of the Week: Maybelline Amanhecer

Hi there,

Hope you guys are enjoying the day. It's pretty hot out here but I love summers more than winters, so I am not complaining!!

Coming to the nails of the week, today it's another Maybelline nail paint in creme finish named Amahecer. It's a lovely milky lavender color.

Price: INR 99 for 8 ml of the product. Packagaing is just like the standard Maybelline polishes with a white cap housing the brush.

I simply love teh color of the nail paint as it is so suited and perfect for office wear. Gives my nails the polished look without the shine yet they look and feel so healthy and natural. The pic below is two coats on my nails. The color lasts on my nails easily for three days with all the housework and even when it starts chipping from the tips, it is hardly noticeable being a very natural shade. The drying time is pretty decent with each coat taking, two to three minutes to dry completely. Overall, a great color for office wear as well as for sophisticated parties.

Product rating: A-, available at all maybelline counters and via online shopping websites. Have purchased so many Maybelline nail paints, really love the colors they have come up with. Definitely recommended for women who love pastels and some natural nail paints.

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  1. lovely lavender shade... its truly an office wear.. nice review kumkum

    1. thanks supriya, I really love the shade :)

  2. Replies
    1. you are right GP, and I like the fact that I can use this as a base color for my next French Manicure :)

    2. o yeah..m waiting for the french manicure in your next NOTW.. :-)

    3. hmmm, let's see maybe next week :)

  3. ooooh what a pretty shade ..oh n what a good idea of using it as a french manicure base


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