Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Victoria's Secret Body Scrub Review

Hey girlz,

The weather has suddenly turned on its heat, which was till now very cool and sweet and I am enjoying the summers here in North India. Hope all of you are enjoying your time and activities.

I am simply a scrub addict, which I have not disclosed till now, love scrubbing my skin and face. Then, one fine day I was introduced to the world of body scrubs and I have been an addict till now and mostly forever. I simply love body scrubs. The Body Shop scrubs I feel are more suited to Indian winters for me as my skin is more of combination / normal tending to be oily during summers. But come summers and I am a complete fan of sugar scrubs. They just give your body the most sensuous scrub ever and leave it oh so soft !

I am reviewing my latest sugar scrub from Victoria's secret, which I purchased from Goodlife (next I am eyeing Bath and Bodyworks stuff from them)

Price: INR 890 for 200 gm of product. Packaging is quiet user friendly with a flip top cap.

Ingredient list: 


My experience with this scrub has been quiet awesome, the fragrance is very nice, something which I cannot describe in words but it makes me feel very luxurious when I am using the product. The smell is not very strong but quiet refreshing. It lasts on me for the whole day!! As you can see from the swatch above, the scrub has very fine sugar particles, and I thought it wouldn't be a very good scrub. But I was in for a surprise, and the scrub actually works very well. On application and rubbing the particles scrub your skin and then melt away to moisturize you scrubbed skin. I don't even need to moisturize my skin after using this scrub. It is a gentle yet effective body scrub with a heavenly fragrance.

Product rating: A, usually available outside India, and is available at Goodlife. Would definitely recommend this to all of you looking for a good scrub.

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  1. Nice review Kumkum. This is still available at Goodlife

  2. wow.. its a luxurious piece... and the cost is on a higher side for me.. may be some day i vl be able to afford it.. are there any other sugar scrubs on the lower cost side??

    1. I have used a milk and honey sugar scrub from Oriflame, not very expensive and is quiet good too, also they have offers on different products every month and I got that one for INR 350 only on offer :). Maybe you can give it a try

    2. hmm.. this one seems to be nice. vl surely check this out...


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