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Vedic Line Deep Cooling Pedi Ice Gel Review

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Hey Girlz,

Recently, I noticed a new brand Vedic Line on many online shopping websites and since it claims to be herbal, I thought of trying a few products. As I have a problem of aching feet when I stand or walk for long duration, I like exploring foot care products and ordered Vedic Line’s Deep Cooling Pedi Ice Gel when I saw it online.

What Vedic Line claims about Deep Cooling Pedi Ice Gel: Oil free blend of Eucalyptus and Menthol, instantly removes fatigue and heaviness. Extremely good for therapeutic and soothing effect.
Ingredients: Only the key ingredients are mentioned on the tub - Water, Menthol, and Eucalyptus Oil
Quantity:  65ml

Price: 100 INR

Packaging: It comes in a small light blue coloured plastic tub with a standard plastic cover.
Consistency: It is a smooth (not runny) blue coloured gel. The consistency is suitable for application or massage.
 Application/Usage: Just take out a small quantity with your finder and gently apply on your feet, followed by a quick 2 minute massage.

My take on Vedic Line Deep Cooling Pedi Ice Gel: I was very excited to try this product considering its enormous claims, and tried it the day I bought it before sleep. I opened the tub took and small quantity. The first thing that I noticed was the smell, typical menthol and eucalyptus fragrance. I’ll be honest, I didn’t like it much. As I started massaging my feet with the gel, I was feeling a slight cooling on my feet, and also the feet also seemed light and easy. But sadly these effects only lasted for 15 seconds or so. By the time I was done with the massage (not more than 2 minutes), I could hardly feel any difference in my feet than being moisture. I used this gel on and off for few weeks but wasn’t impressed.
Then, I thought of giving it a second chance during my latest excursion that involved lot of walking. As my feet used to feel little tired at the end of the each day during the excursion, I used to apply this gel expecting some relaxation, but I am afraid this gel failed to do so.
Long story cut short, this gel doesn’t removes fatigue and heaviness from your feet and is perhaps only capable of providing a moisturising effect.

·         Not very expensive
·         Easily available on most of the shopping websites

·         Doesn’t live up to its claims of instantly removing fatigue or heaviness
·         The cooling effect lasts for only 15 seconds or so

Rating: C

Conclusion: This is a complete disaster and I would not buy this again or recommend this to anyone.


About the Author:
Gurpreet is a professional working in a corporate environment and is passionate about all things related to beauty and blogging.


  1. awww bad product Kumkum
    glad i chkd ur review

  2. Replies
    1. yeah i guess thats the only good part about this product.. :-)

  3. nice review GP, would stay away from this for sure :)

  4. nice review gurpreet... awful product but awesome nail colour..!! cute yellow

  5. I bought this product too totally taken in by its description and yes, it was a huge disappointment!


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