Sunday, May 6, 2012

Konad Stamping Starter Kit Review and Usage

Hello Friends,

A few days ago I shared a nail art wit you, which was all thanks to Konad starter kit. Some of you had requested a step by step tutorial, and here it is:

Starting with the requirements for a successful nail art: stamping kit, base color, top coat, nail polish remover wipes (very important as you need to clean the kit after each use)

Ingredient list on the kit (pertains to the included nail paint)

Easy peasy, step by step instructions are provided with the kit:

The contents of the kit: rubber stamp, nail polish, image plate, and scraper:

So, here we go, first apply the base color of your choice and let it dry. Once dried, start off by selecting a design on the image plate and apply the special konad polish (ha a thicker consistency than normal and therefore allows for better stamping)

Scrap off excess polish quickly:

Place the stamp quickly to pick the design:

Place the design on your nails by pressing and rolling the stamp firmly:

Clean the image plate and scraper after each use and you are done. The first time takes a little practice but once you get a hang of the process, it's quiet easy.

Product rating: A, available at most inline shopping websites, you can also participate in my ongoing GIVEAWAY to win the starter kit. Would definitely recommend this to all nail art lovers.

Take care...


  1. thnx Kumkum..will get this now..i was really not getting how to use it <3

    1. your welcome Sukanya :), would love to see your nail art soon :)

  2. It's quite easy to use, isn't it? The pink nail polish shade is pretty. :)

  3. wow Kumkum..amazing..I must get this tom itself..I love nail art..btw am new to ur blog..following u now..pls do visit mine n support..:)

    1. welcome to mumma's world preetha, do try the kits, you will love them :), thanks for following, me too following you now :)

  4. nice :)


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