Sunday, May 27, 2012

KIKO Sheer Crystal Lipstck in Tropical Orange Review and Swatches

Hi everyone,

Hope all of you are enjoying your Sunday to the fullest. I had a lazy brunch and the power cuts here are really pushing me to go to some mall, which I don't want to in this sun.

Anyways, today am going to do a review and swatches of my KIKO crystal sheer lipstick in tropical orange, which most of you remember from my Italian cosmetics haul post (see here).

Price: INR 525 (EUR 7) for 3.5 gm of the product. Packaging is the most interesting part of this lipstick. It is a silver bullet, which has to be compressed to release the twistable part containing the lipstick bullet. I have tried to take the pics, which may expalin the packaging to all of you.


Swatch (without flash):

Swatch (with flash):

On my lips (with flash):

Without flash:

This has to be the best lipstick that I have tried so far. I just love the color, a pleasant change from all the pinks that I have. As you can see that it looks quiet natural on my lips and covers the pigmentation of my lips completely. Coming to the texture, it is just like that of a lipbalm, moisturises my lips quiet beautifully, and even after it is gone my lips feel comfortable. The lasting power is okayish, with the lipstick lasting around 2.5-3.5 hours without meals and survives light snacks as well.The only downside I see that it would melt in the summers here, though it is not buttery but I feel that the lipstick would require placement in the refrigerator.

Product rating: A, availability in India is a big issue and the price is a bit higher considering the quantity of the product. But the quality is pretty good, better than our Indian brands. Do try this lipstick if you manage to lay a hand on these. Personally, I would love to purchase this in many more shades.

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  1. You are right Kumkum.. the lipstick color suits u a lot and the packaging is very attractive.:) i also liked the nail paint..<3

  2. Lovely shade Kumkum, suits you very well.

  3. Ghosh..........lovely shade...!!!!!!!!!


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