Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nails of the week: OPI bubble bath

Hey People,

It's the middle of the week already, I was reminded of this fact, just today morning by my nails. After my haul from blab (shown here) arrived, I wasted just no time in applying the OPI nail paint in bubble bath on my nails, and boy have they made an impression. 
Damn right, both teh nail paint and OPI have made a place for themselves in my heart like forever.

Price: INR 520 for 15 ml of the product.

Ingredient list: This is the first time, where I have the entire ingredient list, effectively conceled under the bottle bottom in a peel-able format. Loved the concept so much :)

The brush: awesome is the word, just glides on effortlessly on the nails and imparts color evenly, no streaking whatsoever.

Now for the nails of the week:

What you see above is after theww coats of nail paint. The nail paint was applied on Thursday and till today, it maintains the shine and coverage, no chipping even from the tips. Now I know why no one can go back to any other brands after using OPI. Just the perfect business appropriate color which gives your nails the healthy look day after day. Also, I found that even though I was trying to apply the nail paint badly, the awesome nail paint and the brush didn't allow me to do so, and gave me the perfect nail paint application from the word go.

Product rating: A+, even though a bit expensive, but it is totally worth it, for the awesome brush and the toluene free formula. Would definitely recommend it to all of you, try it and you will know.

Take care...

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