Friday, March 9, 2012

Omved Tired Foot Soak

Hello everyone,

Hope all of you enjoyed a colorful and safe HOLI with your family and friends. I for one did and even my little son played with his share of non-toxic colors that his nana and nani got for him.

After so much of festivities, I was feeling too tired to do anything and my feet were aching real bad. Also, prior to the HOLI day, I suffered a muscle strain in one of my legs. So, overall the condition was really bad and Volini though effective, due to lack of rest on my part, the pain kept increasing and worsening.

So, after a little too much of pain, I suddenly remembered the last (but not the least) product from my February blisscovered box (shown here), and gave it try. The product in mention is the Omved Tired Foot Soak. I would candidly admit here that upon receiving this, I was not too sure of the uses and effectiveness of the product, but those thoughts have been turned around on their heels in no time by this wonder product.

Price: INR 300 for 100 gm of the product (I received a 40 gm package with my blisscovered box). Packaging is quiet classy with the product contained in a glass square bottomed jar with a metallic screw lid.



This is how the product looks (notice the chunky granules):

My experience with this foot soak has been simply awesome. After bearing the pain for the entire day, suddenly I remembered this product and decided to use it at night. So, I put the advised amount of the product (which is 2 spoons) into warm water and dipped my feet in the water. Though the granules of the foot soak look hard they dissolved in no time, and filled my washroom with a wonderful aroma just like when you are sitting in a SPA. The fragrance does a wonderful job at calming down your senses. Also, the granules dissolve and release an oil which forms a layer on top of the water. Within minutes, I could feel my foot ache disappearing and by the end of 10 minutes, it was completely gone. Even I was surprised.

The soak also made my feet a little bit more soft than they were at the beginning of the session. Overall, the foot soak made me feel relaxed and fresh. Also, it was a nice way to pamper yourself at the end of a tiring but FUN day in the luxury of your home itself.

Product rating: A+, available at online Omved store and blisscovered site (also available at some other online shopping websites). Would definitely recommend it to all moms (all of you deserve a little pampering).

Take care…


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  2. Oh yes! Agree with the review. One of the most relaxing products I have used!

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