Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vedic Line Honey and Fig moisturizer Review

Hello beauties,

The weekend is just here. Today we are planning on baking a cake. Will let you know how it goes. Hopefully it’s not rock solid.

Now coming to the product I am reviewing today. It’s Vedic Line Honey and Fig moisturizer which I got as a free gift sometime back on my haul from UrbanTouch (shown here).

Price: INR 108 for 100 ml of the product (I got this 50 ml tube for free)

Packaging: The one which I have has a flip top packaging, but when I checked online the product usually comes in a bottlepackaging (with and without pump).



My personal experience has been good with this product, except for the smell. The product is decently moisturizing, gets absorbed quickly without leaving any gresy feeling or mark behind. Also, the moisurization lasted me through the day ( I have normal to combination skin), dry-skinned people may require more than one application. Now, coming to the only part which I don’t like about the product, “THE SMELL”. Since it is a matter of personal choice, some people may not be bothered by it. But I am. The smell is just weird, chemical smell, not to my liking surely. Don’t know the reason but may be I got a bad sample. The smell just lingers on you for the whole day.

Product rating: B. Available via various online shopping websites and some chemist shops. Would recommend everyone to buy it after sampling the product.

Take care…

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