Thursday, February 23, 2012

Omved Mrudu Baby Bathing Bar

Hello People,

How are you doing today??? Till I became one, I couldn’t understand a mother’s anxiousness about the welfare of her child. But now being on the other side, I have realized that being a mom is not easy, and like it or not you are going to worry about the welfare of your child.

Being wary of using chemicals on my baby is one of them; most of the preservatives used in baby products contain potential carcinogens, which I prefer not to use on my baby.

Recently, I was introduced to a baby bathing bar by the brand Omved (also shown here and here).

First, some information about the brand:

Omved products are 100% natural and completely safe. Our formulations are - pure natural living
pure - 100% pure extracts, no fillers, no adulteration, no cheap replacements.
natural - only natural botanicals, natural food preservatives, none of the 'nasties' no parabens, glycols, sulphates, synthetic colours, perfumes
living - with active ingredients, virgin cold pressed oils, not blended by heat or under pressure. they are ALIVE.
They are made with botanical extracts and pure therapeutic grade essential oils preserved in natural preservative systems that are safe for you and the earth.
Our formulations are PETA Vegan certified and the Ayurvedic classical oils which may contain some milk are PETA certified.

We made it our resolve at Omved that we would get our products certified by the Environment Working Group's Skin Deep site. It was a mammoth task since none of our FDA certifications are accepted by them. (infact in India until a few months ago companies were not even required to list ALL their ingredients on their labels!!) I am very proud that Omved passed all their stringent criteria and has been declared the innovator status! (one of the only 110 in the world!!).We are India's FIRST and ONLY company to be signed on!

You can check more details at: Facebook:


A wow (absolutely no preservatives!!!)

Price: INR 300 for 125 gm of the product. Packaging is basic but neat and effective.

My experience has been awesome with this product. The bar is lightly yellowish on one side of the bar and off-white on the other side. The product smells faintly of saffron, and the strands which you see on the bar are actual saffron threads, which dissolve when you bathe your baby. The bar lathers well and keeps my baby’s skin moist and soft in winters as well. There is absolutely no dryness. The goodness of almond milk and saffron has improved my baby’s complexion also. Since this has no preservatives or chemicals, I have found that the soap doesnot sting my baby's eyes as well. And they don't claim "no tears" also!!!

Product rating: A, available at Omved store in Mumbai (wish they open a shop in NCR soon). Will definitely recommend this to all mothers. Try this you will definitely feel the difference.

Take care…

P.S. The product was sent by the brand for consideration.


  1. Johnson Baby soap stings in the eyes na,, I am a johnson baby girl at times :p

    bt this sounds good for the babies,, n when a mumma recommends it then it has to be good na :) :)

    1. even I was surprised by this no stinging discovery, even though the Omved people don't claim so.

  2. Have been using it since 3 years now. This soap is good and am not changing it, though I feel it is over priced as saffron is only on the top and not inside. This soap does sting btw.


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