Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nails of the week: FACES Nail paint in Rose Taupe

Hello people,
It’s that time of the week again … It’s mid-week, and we are just a couple of days away from weekend. So, make way for the nails of the week. It’s my favorite office-wear colour from FACES Canada in shade Rose Taupe.

Price: INR 200 for 12 ml of the product.

The packaging is pretty standard with a square glass bottle with a longish handle including the nail brush. The nal paint goes on smoothly on my nails, and after around 5 applications has not thickened at all. This is pretty good as most of the nail paints start drying out pretty soon. But as much as I love the colour and the nail paint texture, I dislike the brush. First coat applies fine with the brush, but second coat onwards, I find the brush streaking nailpaint on my nails. For the price at which this nail paint retails, I would expect a good quality brush. 

And this is how my nails look after three days, the chipping is not bad but the nail paint has dulled a bit. A new coat would definitely freshen it up, which is exactly what I am doing after posting this up.

Product rating: B, but then again, I love the color so much that no matter what I would be repurchasing this colour always (maybe not in the same brand).
Take care…

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