Monday, January 9, 2012

Strawberries are in the air with TBS Strawberry Body Polish

Hello people,

Just came out from shower and the whole family is smelling strawberries in the air. Even my cutie boy is smelling them and trying to find out the source...

Well, I just had a bath with "The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish". Its the most most awesomest smelling strawberry scrub, which I have used till now.

Price: I got it for 445 for 200ml (usually on sale of 10-30%, but I have seen that TBS has hiked the prices of products recently). Availability: All body shop stores and also online.

Ingredient list:

It comes in a tube, with a flip cap, easy peasy to use. You have to squeeze the tube to get the product out. No hassles in that as well, dispenses product quiet easily.

I have been using this for a month now, and since it is winters here I have been using this on alternate days. Lathers up quiet nicely, doesn't leave my skin dry, and the fragrance......ohhh!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!! i just don't feel like getting out of the shower, I am surrounded by strawberries.....


As you can see in the pic, it is red colored gel consistency with a fair amount of scrub particles, look like strawberry seeds, which perform the scrubbing action quiet well. The particles are nice on the skin and not too harsh. My skin feels so much better after using this, it is supple, smooth, clean, and moisturized. The product washes off quiet easily without leaving any greasy feeling to the skin (a thing which I hate in moisturizing products).

The only thing that deters me is that it contains parabens, but then so do most of TBS products.

Product rating: A, would keep buying this all my life. But that wouldn't refrain me from trying others, will it???

Take care...

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