Monday, January 16, 2012

My Lipstick collection and swatches

Hello People,

How's your day, I am in an introspective mood today, over analyzing each of my thoughts and actions. Today I have been analyzing my buying patterns in makeup and have realized that most of the times I buy my makeup drug store brands, because grocery stores have also started sticking these up and grocery trips are mandatory for me every weekend.  And then since I own a particular makeup shade (from a drug store brand) I avoid buying the same shade from the good ones (case in point being MAC). This year though I have decided to break the habit by first visiting my dream makeup stores before making a trip to the grocery store (wishful thinking).

I think this is not going to work, as I have realized slowly that I am a shopaholic. So, enough introspecting for the day. Let's move on with the post. This post is second in the series of posts (where I would be sharing with you guys my makeup collection), dedicated to lipsticks (which I currently own and use).

So, the pic below shows the lipsticks that I own. These include (in no particular order) Inglot slim gel 62 and Inglot matte 410, 412 (shown here), Inglot lip paint 63; Maybelline Colorsensational (Windsor Rose) (shown here); Chambor long lasting (914, truly sunset); Lakme enrich 157, Lakme fantasy collection 134;

 Below are the swatches of these lipsticks:

(from left to right): Inglot 410, 412, slim gel 62, lip paint 63, lip duo 26 (lip paint)

Below are the next set of swatches: (from top to bottom): chambor long lasting (truly sunset), maybelline colorsenstaional (Windsor rose), lakme enrich classics (bamboo pink), and last but not the least lakme satin enrich 134.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my lipstick collection as much I enjoyed sharing it with you. I know it is very tiny right now, but would definitely be improving upon it.

And now comes my wishlist: Chanel rouge allure, a MAC lipstick (haven't gotta single one, can't believe it), an Estee Lauder one as well, and any which I may fancy when going around the malls.

Compared to the glosses the wishlist looks teeny weeny because first I am more of a lipgloss person, and second I have lesser glosses than lipsticks (right now). :)

Take care...


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