Saturday, January 14, 2012

Besan (Gram flour) burfi

Hello people,

Recipe time!!! By now you know my baby's sweet tooth has already been developed (a trait which Ithink he got from me as I also have a sweet tooth).

So, this also a very simple recipe to follow, ingredients are easily available at home itself.


1 cup besan or gram flour
1 cup sugar powder
1 cup ghee or clarified butter
4 tablespoon almond powder (also used here)
1/2 cup malai or fresh cream
nuts for garnishing (optional, I have not used these here)


1. Start by heating ghee in a pan till it melts completely.

2. Add besan to melted ghee while keeping the pan at low flame and fry slowly till the besan gives a nice aroma and is nice brown in color.

3.Once the besan is brown add sugar powder, you will notice that the mixture becomes dry (keep stirring at low flame.

4. Add almond powder at this stage and mix well.

4. Once completely mixed, add fresh cream, turn off the flame, and stir well tio mix cream to the mixture.

5. In a greased tray, pour the mixture and level it with a spatula. Let it cool compltely. You can add nuts for decoration on top at this stage (press them slightly with spatula).

6. Cut into any shape you want. For reference, I have made kite-shaped burfi.

Enjoy with your friends and family. This burfi is good for winters with the goodness of ghee, besan, and nuts.

Would love to hear about your experiences while cooking and serving this sweet delight.

Take care...


  1. Hi Kumkum,

    surely gonna try this one out!

    1. Hi subhasree, do try this out. Your hubby would also love it...


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