Friday, February 24, 2012

Maybelline Colorsensational in Windsor Rose: review and swatches

Hello people,

What a lovely day!!! As we bid goodbye tio the winters here in north, I am feeling a bit nostalgic today about my school days. When I was a kid the only beauty essential women used in India, seemed to be a maroon / red lipstick. It was considered to be the epitome of beauty. Even the hollywood divas of yesteryears sported this with elegance and panache.

But, I have always been scared of this color, as I feel I am not suited to carry such bold colours. So much so, that even when i got married I didn't even buy a single red lippie. The ones I got, I passed onto cousins and friends. Such has been my scare for red lippies. Until now...

What happened was as follows, my friend gifted me a cosmetic hamper for new year (see here). The lippie I am talking about was also included in the hamper. Since it was a gift, I started using it and lo and behold have started loving the bright colour.

Ingredients: Not available

Price: INR 220, I got this as a gift. Packaging is functional and not very fancy. 


Lip Swatch:

My experience has been pretty good with this lipstick. Since I was scared of REDS, it made that fear go away, I use it as a tint most of the times. Stays on me for 3-4 hours without any meals, with light snacks. For the price, texture of the lipstick is buttery soft and it glides on my lips like a dream. Overall, a decent product with a lot to offer at a decent price. The shade I am in love with, instantly brightens my complexion and makes me feel glamorous. Though I prefer using this shade for parties and not for office.

Product rating: A, available at all Maybelline counters and online beauty shopping websites. Would definitely recommend this to everyone, and personally would love to try more shades in this range.

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  1. It looks good on you ,, at times even I use dark lip colors as a lip tint only,,totally wearable and looks good :)

    1. thanks Namita, yeah this is how I manage to avoid questions on dark lip colours by my peers.

  2. rosey lips...........


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