Friday, January 6, 2012

FabIndia Khus and Aloe vera Body Wash

So, how's your day coming along. I for one am getting along quite well with the thought of coming weekend and sales going all around me...

Waiting to just rush to the malls and revel in the sale goodies, and of course more makeup. I think people at my home are getting pretty bored of going shopping with me as I shop mostly for makeup, skin care or other such stuff only... Sigh!!! How to make them understand is a big task, and I have now left them to their own devices. So, once we enter the mall, the family splits up and everyone is on their own...

Enough!!! Just brought myself back from day dreaming... It is a heavenly experience. I guess most of you must have indulged in it sometime. Again digressing from the topic.

One of my must haves in my skin care regime is a body wash (stopped using soap since the olden days when LUX came out with their first line of body washes). Recently, purchased this online (urbantouch, where else??), and have been using this for past two weeks now. You can also purchase it online from FabIndia website also.

Price INR 250 for 250 ml.

I bought this body wash 'cause I love khus (both color and smell). Love the green colored drinks they serve you in restaurants, and even get the khus syrup to make cool drinks during summers.

Ingredient list (sorry didn't type):

It has a flip cap, which you can press easily to open and dispense product.


As you can see from the swatch above, it is a very light green colored gel. The texture is like gel and you have to press the bottle to get some gel on the loofah.

My experience with this body wash overall has been good. It doesn't dry my skin too much (of course I have to apply a body lotion as it is winters but may not be required during summers), lathers up well, and is easily washable.

But first, I have to take a large amount of product for it to lather, and second the smell is not that great. Personally, I like the smell but it doesn't last for a long time, and is very mild (maybe I was expecting it to be more fragrant as Khus is my favorite smell of all times).

Overall a decent body wash but I was expecting more as it is from FabIndia in terms of fragrance and lather (I think they make way better soaps).

Product rating: B, might not be repurchasing it as I want to try something from L'occitane now (heard a lot about its Almond shower oil).

Take care...

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