Thursday, December 14, 2017

Khadi Natural Henna and Thyme Herbal Hair Tonic

Hello beauties,

Today I am sharing one of my most favorite finds of the year for hair, it's Khadi Natural Hair tonic. I got this product while browsing online. I was looking for a substitue to hair oil, which would help my hair become strong and reduce hair fall as well. Since, the description of this product mentioned all this, I was super interested and bought this tonic asap. Read on to read my experience with the Khadi Natural Henna and Thyme Herbal Hair Tonic.

Price: INR 310 for 210 ml of the product.

Ingredient list:

The product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip top opening.The packaging is quiet basic and functional just like the other khadi products, which I quiet like :)

The product is brownish liquid in colour with a water like flowing consistensy. The product has no to a faint herbal smell to it, which I don't find too overpowering/lingering/disturbing to my senses.

Since the product is quiet runny you have to be careful with the application as it can drip down on your clothes. So make sure you cover yourself with a towel before you start applying the product.

I am usually lazy with oiling my hair regularly, so I needed a good product, which was neither too oily and could be used between washes to give some nourishment to my hair even when I am not oiling it. Also, for the uninitiated I have very fine and limp kind of hair. So, I tend to keep away from heavy serums and conditioners and hair oils.

So, when I initially started using this product, it was kind of a meh product for me. I applied it on my day of wash at night, so that my hair does get some of the goodness of this product's ingredients. But sadly, when I woke up the next morning it seemed as if I had oiled my hair and it was all oily and limp. So, I had to wash it again...

Then , I read the instructions more carefully and decided to apply this product on my freshly washed and damp hair roots. Then I did the usual air drying of my hair and then went about my day as usual. And believe you me not, this product has turned my hair care routine all upside down. 

Application of this product on my wet hair didn't weigh them down, in fact they looked lovely and smelled so fresh. The product has some peppermint oil as well and my scalp feels the cooling effect for a good 5-10 minutes after application. 

My hair fall has considerably reduced and my hair growth has also improved, as my mother also pointed out. In fact, once I apply this on my wet hair I have noticed reduced hairfall of my wet hair as well.

From the picture above, you can see that I have used almost half of the bottle and it has been 2-3 months since I started using this awesome product. In fact, it has been great for my hair during the past humid months when I just couldn't get myself to oil my hair.

Though in no ways it is a substitute for hair oil, I am all for oiling of my hair regularly and do that atleast once a week, this product has helped my hair even on those days when I am not doing anything special for my hair.

Overall, a great product for my fine and limp hair, it has definitely decreased my hair fall a lot and improved the look of my hair as well. Highly recommended!

Have you used the Khadi Natural Henna and Thyme Herbal Hair Tonic? Do let me know your experience in the comments section below.

See ya...

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