Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Smashbox Contour Kit Review, Photos, Swatches

Hello beauties,

Hope you had a safe and great Diwali! Today I am sharing a brand new product (actually not so new!) from my vanity case. It's the Smashbox Contour Kit. I have always got single shade bronzers always but then I wanted to indulge in a full kit with the contour, bronzer and highlight shades. I saw this and was sold on the contour shade. Just the right shade, nothing too orangey and so subtle for getting me the exact contour. Let's read on more about this current favorite of mine :)

Price: I got this for 34 Euros from Germany (it retails for INR 4050 here)

Ingredient list:

The kit with a big mirror (love, love, love):

Swatches of product (L-R: contour, bronzer, highlight)

The texture of these contour and bronzing products is just super awesome, even though they are formulated as powders, they go on very smooth almost like a cream product and are not at all chalky.

However, the same cannot be said about the highlighting shade, and I don't like it very much. It is matte, without any shimmer or glitter whatsoever and on my skin it has an almost chalky texture. However, I have found a new use for it, baking/setting my concealer. Since it has a slight yellow undertone, it comes in very handy for setting my under eye area, super well.

A step-by-step guide (leaflet) for contouring different face shapes:

The contour kit has been a dream come true for me (if you understand what I mean...). The contour shade is just perfect, neither brown/muddy/orangey. The perfect shade for my skin tone. And the brush you get is just so wow as well. The bristles are super duper soft and they just pick up the perfect amount of product.

The price might put you off a bit but the pigmentation is just amazing and you would need a really small amount of product each time.But considering the highlight shade is not super amazing as a highlight (if you get my drift), you are still getting two awesome luxury contour and bronzing shades along with a gorgeously soft brush, then I would still say that the price point can be justified a little bit :).

I have used this one to contour in my last Diwali 2017 Makeup (read HERE).

Overall, a good product for me, not very good/great as I am not too happy with the highlighter. Not a must buy for everyone.

Have you tried the Smashbox Contour Kit? Do let me know your experience in the comments below.

See ya...

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