Friday, March 3, 2017

Be a Bombshell Lip Stain in Bash Swatches, Review

Hello beauties,

Sorry for being MIA, Posting after the longest time ever... How's the new year treating you all? For me it began with a full-on surprise, more akin to an life changing event, and it took me some two months to sort all of the mess out, but I am now more composed and balanced and have managed to smile as well, these past couple of months!

So, I received/opted for this lip stain from Be a Bombshell in my December 2016 fab bag and am sharing my views about it today.

Price: INR 750

Ingredient list:

The lip stain tip:


So, I was kinda excited to receive a lip stain which looks like a sketch pen because for one, I have been using sketch pens as makeup when I was young (in school) and for second, I never had a sketch pen like lip stain, only had like a brush one.

And what better colour than orange, which would make my lips look like I just had an orange ice cream lolly. So, I went ahead and choose the shade "BASH".

Packaging wise the product is gorgeous and I quiet like the all black finish. However, if you had many of these you wouldn't be able to distinguish between these. But I like the cap which closes with a satisfying click to keep the product from drying.

The tip is quiet thick like a marker and not fine like a sketch pen, so it covers your lips quiet easily in lesser number of swipes. However, the colour payoff is minimal and leaves a lot to be desired. You have to have really scrubbed and moisturized lips before applying this one. This product does tend to settle into fine lines very easily and gives a patchy look specially if you have cracked/chapped lips.

The lip stain is a very liquidy formula just like a sketch pen/marker and doesn't give a very opaque/full-coverage lip colour in a single swipe. You might have to layer the product on your lips to get a decent colour payout. But, the texture is liquidy and doesn't feel heavy on your lips, you even forget that you have something on your face till, you see yourself in a mirror.

On my lips this one lasted for 3 hours maximum, mainly because I had a very light coverage on my lips and because the colour is not very pigmented. Maybe with darker shades the lip stain does leave a dark stain. As you will see in the pics below, the lip stain doesn't show much colour on my upper lip.

Lip swatch (after two swipes of the product):

I am not wearing any other makeup in the picture above except for the lip stain.

Overall not a great product for me, have you tried the Be a Bombshell Lip stain, do let me know about your experienece in the comments below.

See ya...

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