Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 2016 Fab Bag

Hello beauties,

With the holiday looks and new year preparations, I completely forgot to review the December 2016 Fab Bag. However, as they say better late than never!

So here's the December 2016 Fab Bag for you all, read on to know my thoughts on the same...

This month theme is Partyholic, however I don't find it party types, except for the holographic design on the bag.

For me the only saving grace of this bag is the Balm Lip Stain, which gives a beautiful orangey tint to my lips, which you can see in my tutorial on achieving the perfect winged eye. It gives the same tint which I used to get after having an orange lick lolly during my summer vacations.

Apart from the above mentioned product, the rest of the products are neither awe inspiring or even worth trying in my opinion.

The hair mist has given me headache for two days and a whiff of it triggers the headache again if the same is sprayed anywhere near you. It is too strong for my liking, if you understand what I mean. I just hate it!

The Iba nourishing foot massage cream and the Palmer's oil are nice additions considering it's winters but I would have loved if we had some great night cream/body cream/body butter from some luxurious brands. Iba Halal Care and Palmer's surely don't fall in the luxury segment.

And no bonus products again!

So for me this bag is a bad end to this year, hope the Fab Bag team improves their game otherwise they may just start on loosing their subscribers.

What did you receive for your December 2016 Fab Bag? Let me know in the comments below.

See ya...


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