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Guest Post by Saima

Hair has always played a crucial role in our society. Hair is a crowning glory for both men and women.  It is associated with youthfulness and beauty in women whereas it showcases virility and masculinity in men. We see our hair as a reflection for our identity. It is a part that makes us different from other people. Hair also defines freedom. We can change our hair the way we want to and it symbolizes that we have control of our lives and the decisions we make are our own.  
Hair loss is a major problem in our generation. The main cause of it is, stress. It is no surprise that hair loss can make many people self conscious and it seriously affects their self esteem.  They lose their confidence in themselves. They lose their identity to go about their days. People use chemical laced hair products in the hope that their hair will magically grow back. After being disappointed, they often opt for hair transplant which rarely gets them the desired results. The hair transplant price in Pakistan is extremely high and not everyone can easily afford it.  

In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we rarely get time to attend to the needsof our hair. We daily use hair products thatcontain chemicals without knowing how they affect our hair and our health. We have neglected the natural products andbecause of this, we are losing the natural shine and health of our hair which ultimately affects our self esteem.

So for your ease and knowledge, I have complied 5 benefits as to why you should use natural hair care products that will improve your health and the health of your hair as well. They are as follows:
1.     Safer to use:
Hair products that are made out of different chemicals are a disaster waiting to happen. They are a recipe of allergic reactions and skin irritation. With natural hair care products, you won’t have to worry about having a detrimental reaction. They are safer for those of us who have sensitive skin and scalp. A good natural product will not give you any kind of reaction that is harmful to you. While some natural products may not resonate well with you due of their texture and smell but you can rest assured that it will not land you at a doctors’ office because of a chemical reaction.

2.     Free of harsh ingredients:
This is probably one of the most obvious reasons for using an all natural hair care product. Parabens are used in hair products to give it more shelf life. What you do not know is that parabens are of a synthetic nature that will eventually harm your health and result in long or short term issues. Natural organic products significantly lessen the likeliness of such outcomes. You avoid these issues altogether and the future risks of having a medical crisisby using the natural hair care products as they are all made of ingredients that can be found on your kitchen shelf and are not hard to pronounce.

3.     Superior long term results:
Chemically enhanced hair products may give you the look and shine that you desire here and now but they are damaging the health of your hair in the long run. Natural hair products are known to be a lot safer for a long term use. They guarantee better results. The more you use them, the healthier and stronger your hair will be in a short amount of time. They won’t strip color from colored hair and will condition your hair for a vibrant finish. You also won’t have to deal with the discomfort that you would when using chemical laced products.

4.     Environment friendly:
When you use chemical laden products, the chemicals get sucked down the drain. They pollute our waterways and poison the aquatic life. Over time, this can have a negative effect on the world around us. Organic hair care products use natural ingredients and they are largely biodegradable which is better for the environment and for us as well. It’s a win-win!

5.     Better for overall health:
Your overall health is more important to you than only the health of your hair. Obviously, your overall health is your central concern. When you use hair products that have chemicals in them, you are exposing your whole body to those chemicals. These harmful chemicals are being absorbed into your skin on daily basis and slowly poisoning your body. By using natural hair products, you eliminate the unnecessary intake of chemicals into your body that are harmful to your health. These natural products will lead to healthier hair and healthier body.

There is no simpler way to put it; chemical laced hair products are harmful and unhealthy whereas natural hair products are healthy. They will also repair damage, improve growth of the hair and stop split ends in no time. If you want luscious healthy hair, it is time to get rid of your old routine and switch to all natural organic hair care products.

Hair problems can be overcome by follow the given home remedies. If required results are not achieved you can do hair treatments. Many centers of hair transplant in Pakistan, India, USA, UK etc are performing successful treatments.

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Saima Sharif is a freelancer content writer. My major interest is writing content on topics such as hair fall, hair solution, home remedies for hair problems or any treatment related to this. My current adventure is myhairclinic (Pakistan oslo and London).

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  1. The main compound of our hair is keratin protein. That is why, natural protein treatment for hair is the best way to get rid of damaged hair. Natural protein also helps to avoid harsh chemicals.


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